Referred to as the “Bionic Woman”, Terry Roach is an inspirational powerhouse. 

Terry is one woman who has lived a life of action. She is strong, passionate, and convinces all of us that all it takes is a personal commitment to live a life of superior quality and excellence. Based on her own incredible life experiences, she is able to meet the needs of virtually any audience. Terry is a highly sought after international body mechanics expert and speaker in the athletic and medical arenas, corporations and clubs, and private individuals, for the past 30 years. 

Terry Roach has been inspiring positive change in those around her for years. Her ability to engage the audience and ignite a passion in each individual who hears her is something that must be seen to be believed. 

Her story is one of trials and triumph, hardships and heartache, overcoming obstacles, and beating the odds. What began as Terry’s personal journey of recovery has become a movement that is sweeping the nation changing the lives of everyone in its path. She is not only a business owner and fitness professional; she is a world class cyclist. 

Terry Roach is a different kind of fitness professional. Her inspiration comes from her own experiences as she herself has suffered multiple severe physical traumas, only to come back time and again proving that age old adage “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. She has been in multiple bike and car crashes yet has come back from all of them to be fitter and stronger, with success in cycling and in life. She suffers from arthritis, has recovered from multiple back surgeries, and is living with a three level neck fusion. All this while raising two children as a single mother, starting her own business, completing a Masters Degree, and training to compete professionally in state, national, and world track cycling races. In a mere two weeks after her three level neck fusion she was back at work 10-11 hours a day instructing fitness classes at her thriving physical therapy clinic.

Terry Roach has more than overcome the obstacles set before her, she has triumphed! 

“I want you to know that all six hundred women who attended our motivational seminar thought your presentation was excellent. Your presentation “The Power of Physical Energy” was perfect with the general theme for the event focused on the “Power of One”. Your speech remains the highlight as you helped each of them to know the personal power that they each have to find more energy and stabilize their bodies.” Epsilon Sigma Alpha International for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – International Conference


  • Terry has engaged her audiences to become the next better version of themselves!
  • The Power of Physical Energy: The Power of One
  • Champions of Health: Being a Life Long Champion
  • Leadership and the Importance of Teamwork
  • Overcoming and Conquering Obstacles
  • Health and Wellness

“Terry was our keynote speaker for our Annual Osteopathic Medical Association Convention on ‘Champions of Health: Being a Life Long Champion’. Terry is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker who seamlessly tied her education, credentials and her passion for fitness. She delivered a very motivational message to the 300 plus attendees, and received an excellent evaluation.” Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association’s – Arizona State Convention

“Libraries tend to be hotbeds of ergonomic issues….The program received unanimous praise – more so than any other kind of training offered over the past two decades. Ever since those presentations, my e-mail inbox continued to receive expressions of thanks from people whose lives had been changed by this program. There are very few people to whom one can point as having changed their lives permanently for the better – Terry is one of those people.” William Kneedler, Information Systems Manager, Phoenix Public Library