“Terry’s lecture about injury prevention related to body mechanics captivated the 250 plus attendees from around the nation. There was a huge crowd around her after her lecture which attested to her ability to motivate firefighters to take responsibility for their own wellness!” Battalion Chief, Mike Smith, Phoenix Fire Department – Health, Fitness, and Safety National Symposium


“Her enthusiasm and knowledge captivated the interest of the first and second year medical students as well as 300 plus physicians” Dr. James Cole, President of Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University, Glendale, Arizona

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Terry Roach has been inspiring positive change in those around her for years. Because Terry teaches true principles that anyone can benefit from, she has worked with everyone from world class athletes, company executives, office workers, librarians, nurses and physicians, and even the local fire department.

People come to Terry for basically two distinct reasons: 

  1. To be coached in how to overcome their own physical limitations through her expertise in proper body mechanics.

  2. To be inspired, motivated, and to realize the power of determination in making a change.

Terry is one woman who has lived a life of action. She is strong, passionate, and convinces all of us that all it takes is a personal commitment to live a life of superior quality and excellence. She has spent years honing her skills as she has worked with countless organizations and various topics. Based on her own incredible life experiences, she is able to meet the needs of virtually any audience.

“Is it time for a positive change in your well being?” 

Lectures and workshops are targeted presentations that incorporate the needs of the corporation or organization. Ergonomic lectures are relevant for dental offices, office personnel, construction workers, truck drivers, warehouse employees, equipment operators, physicians and surgeons, hospital staff, sports teams, and more.

Presentations for lectures and workshops are designed to meet the needs of each specific population. They are typically one to two hours in length. Participant size has ranged from 5 to 500 people in a variety of settings from warehouses, to auditoriums, to conference rooms, to gymnasiums.

“Terry is a dynamic and energetic presenter and provided us with a wealth of valuable information related to improving performance in golf through improved functional skills and body mechanics. Her philosophies are congruent with the theories and concepts we advocate at COACHING FOR THE FUTURE. We are impressed with how simple the program is and yet produces profound and functional results.” Lynn Marriott & Pia Nilsson, Vision 54 Bring Possibility to Life – BESTCOACH Seminars