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Optimal Performance: Terry Roach Teaches How To Take Your Body To A Higher Level.

Kathleen Blair, Lifestyle Magazine

“Whether you goal is to recover from injury to get back to what love, or looking for the detail to take you to the next level of sports performance, this program will get you there. Make your life an exercise routine by moving with your muscles,” explains Roach. Through dedication and commitment, golfers have improved their drive 35 to 50 yards; athletes extend careers and take their game to the next level, and seniors can continue to enjoy what they love without limitations or pain.”


Managing Pain That Can Take You Out of the Game

Jeremy Tuber, Journal of the Arizona Dental Association – Inscriptions

“Back and neck issues for dental professionals are the number one of all disability claims. Contributing factors to this staggering statistic are found not only the demands of repeated flexion of the spine and neck, working in tight places (holding intricate equipment), but also in poor body mechan- ics and posture both in and outside of the work environment.”



AMS Comeback Masters Athlete of the Year Award Nominees

Sherry Ballou Hanson, Masters Athlete

“But the real story is Terry’s own. The surgery “was the best thing that could have happened to me,” she says now, as it helped her develop her body mechanics program.”


Speed Cyclist Wins 12th Title

Carol Sowers, Arizona Republic, NE Living October 27, 2007

“Roach now holds records in all 40 and over age categories in track cycling. This was the year to come back. Her return to track racing was long and painful. The idea, she said, is to let uninjured muscles carry the workload so distressed muscles can heal.”


The Phoenix Files: In The Spotlight

Katie Ruark, Phoenix Magazine

“When questioned whether her injury was a blessing, Roach enthusiastically answered absolutely. Previously researching back programs, she had some knowledge on the subject but her recovery emphasized its importance.”


Power Pedal Pusher: Valley cyclist sets records on world tracks

Cindy Miller, Health/Fitness November 2003

“Knowledge is power. No one utilizes that maxim more than Terry Roach.”


Age No Barrier For Cycling Star: Roach Returns From Injuries, Set 4 Records.

Jim Gintonio, The Arizona Republic

“Terry Roach displays her mental toughness as a top cyclist by racing after a severe bike crash. Her talent and the barriers she continues to overcome prove her commitment to elite cycling.”


Mind Fitness: The Competitor's Edge

Mark Bosse, Fitness Plus

“In a study about mental training, four successful athletes were chosen to give their views. Terry Roach was asked how much or if any of her training was mental and if it aided her success. She believes that envisioning success and following through enough times during practice, you will have success in the event.”


Profiles: Terry Ann Roach

Elizabeth Clay, Sweat

“Overcoming obstacles requires faith in yourself, determination to succeed and perseverance,” Roach said. She has overcome adversity to win several medals and break records in several cycling events.”


Elite Cyclist: After 2 Years Of Training, Terry Roach Rolls To A National Record.

Robert Colbert, The Tribune

Cyclist Terry Roach rides her way to the top in only two years. After a chance meeting with her now coach John Serra, the assistant regional coach for the U.S. Cycling team, she has found success. 


You Go, Girl: Women Athletes Push To Succeed Despite Lack Of Encouragement.

Carrie White, The Tribune

“Women athletes continue to struggle with acceptance from society however, some are overcoming the obstacles.  Terry Roach a cyclist, single mother, and business owner defies all stigmas of being a woman in a male dominated sport.”



Better late than never: Cyclist Roach rides for record.

Jim Gintonio, The Arizona Republic 

“Considered one of the top riders in the world, Terry Roach prepares for the World Master’s Track Championship in Manchester, England. In only six months, she has proven her talent and drive by medalling and setting national records. Her accomplishments in the sport are even more impressive considering the obstacles she has overcome.”