Terry will change the way you think about how you move in everything that you do. Her philosophy, instructions and exercises have been honed over decades of fitness instructions, elite competition, and recovering multiple severe injuries while bike racing.   

Terry has trained and rehabilitated every level of athlete and injury from Gold medalists to recreational athletes. Her hands on and direct approach will train you in a short period of time to move more effectively and safely. Key benefits: 

  • Enhanced well-being and energy because of effective and efficient movement

  • Improved performance and a balanced muscle structure to allow you to get back the activities you want to do

Technique and position are reinforced to optimize power for specific sports or recreational activities to decrease chance of injury and improve performance. Information is tailored to meet the needs of each target population.






Packages or Individual Sessions are tailored to the specific sport or activity clients wish to improve. In understanding your specific goals for your activity/sport, Terry provides a practical Posture and Mechanical Evaluation to assess current function and performance, and through personal instruction, provides necessary correction and practice to meet your goals. 

For the athlete, once the basic movement skills are learned, the skills needed for the specific sport are addressed and are combined in a series of exercises to reduce dysfunctions, improve performance and overall strength, flexibility, range of motion and stability.  For all sports, all facets of your sport will be covered to dissect where restrictions occur and learn drills and techniques to fix them. 


General Mini-Evaluation Session 1 Hour

Your session begins with a mini-evaluation of your present posture and body mechanics including analysis of your function during your activity or sport ie golf swing, running technique, review of goals, general overview of how your restrictions are preventing your performance, and basic input on how you can fix these to improve your function and performance.  

This evaluation will give you general insight on how Terry Roach’s Body Mechanics program will help you reach your goals along with some tips on how to apply to your activities of daily living. 

Posture & Mechanical Evaluation Session 2 hour

This two hour comprehensive mechanical evaluation includes a detailed health history on past injuries, traumas, problem areas and concerns, evaluation of your posture, body alignment, muscle function, muscular endurance, range of motion, alignment, breathing technique, gait analysis and overall analysis of movement, and in your present mechanics during your sport.

Absolutely recommended if you’ve had multiple or long term injuries, or want the detail to take your sport to the next level. Evaluation provides detailed insight into how your injuries and physical challenges can be corrected, how to engage your muscles correctly, and how to move efficiently within your activity or sport. 

You will receive results of your evaluation along with an exercise prescription to instruct on how to correct your dysfunctions and what you have to change to move efficiently or decrease pain. All of this will be reinforced with handouts to practice what you have learned within this session, with application to your activities of daily living, and guidance on how to move forward to reach your goals.

Continuing Education and Practice Sessions

Add-On  1 hour, 1 ½ hour, or 2 hours


Programs purchased in packages of 3 or 6 session blocks, will give you the best results. Terry’s program is a process – practicing the concepts in all your physical tasks takes time, and will give you the skills to manage your own body for the long term. In multiple sessions, you gain body awareness that allows you to implement the tools learned to make the necessary adjustments. Creating new habits of movement and implementing them in your activities of daily living, helps you achieve your goals.

Initial Three Session Package

Includes two hour first session - Posture and Mechanical Evaluation and two more 1 ½ hour sessions (5 hours) analyzing your posture, how you move, gait, joint and muscle restrictions, and breathing technique.  Understanding specifically what is causing your dysfunction needs to be assessed first. Learning how to change your posture with application to your activities of daily living first, work environment and/or recreational activities and lastly your sports activities, is the next step in the process.

The two 1½ hour sessions – will continue with instruction in how to connect to muscles for all strength, flexibility, and functional work.  This neuromuscular re-education process gives you the tools to manage your own bodies and achieve your goals. Program content - active strength and flexibility exercises, bending and moving techniques, proper posture during exercise, gait retraining, your activities of daily living, application to your workouts then application to your sports activities.

Add on Three Session Block

Includes three 1½ hour progressive sessions (4.5 hours)

Add on Six Session Block

Includes six 1½ hour progressive sessions  (9 hours) 


Your specific sport or activities will be custom formatted similar to the programs listed below:

Mobility and Function for Tennis Players

Bring your racket and learn how to improve your mobility, function and movement on the court through exercises and drills for connecting you to the center of your body to increase your power and control. Receive instruction on how to fix your physical challenges.  After analysis of your movement on the court and your swing, you will learn specific exercises to take your game to the next level.

Mobility and Function for Golfers

Back or shoulder pain on your swing or do you want to take your game to the next level? Learn how connect to the center of your body to increase your power and distance of your shots.   Bring a 7 iron and putter and learn exercises to increase your mobility and function on the golf course to take your game to the next level. After analysis of your present swing and form recommendations will be given for changing and improving your function.  Bring your 7 iron and putter for application into your stroke. 

Fitness Instructions

Learn proper technique and position for optimal benefits during your workout. Technique and proper body position are covered on both free and fixed machines.  Methods for cardiovascular exercise on gym machines are also covered.  Clients are educated in what to avoid, how to adapt their body to the equipment, and how to modify their program based on their goals and needs. Individual Evaluation recommended

  • Weight Room Technique
  • Cardiovascular Technique
  • Spinning Technique

Program content - active strength and flexibility exercises, bending and moving techniques, proper posture during exercise, gait retraining, your activities of daily living, application to your workouts and your sports activities.

Cyclist: Improve your Efficiency and Performance on the Bike

After learning how to connect with the center of your body, transfer these skills to your bike training. What is a proper mechanical fit? How do I use my whole body to apply power? What is an efficient pedal stroke? Bring your own bike to the session or learn on a spin bike how to improve the quality of your efforts.

Body Mechanics for Swimmers

Swimmers gain connection with their body to optimize their power in the water by using your muscles.   Learn how to breathe correctly and connect to the center of your body.

Group Body Mechanics Swim Sessions with Misty Hyman and Terry Roach

Coming Soon in June 2016

Summer workshops for age group and masters swimmers - two hour sessions, two times a week, for three weeks with combination of instruction from Misty in the water, and dry land body mechanics instruction from Terry to optimize your power and function in the water.  

Lifestyle and Activities of Daily Living

Do you want to be able to work in the garden and not have pain?  Do the daily activities of living drain you?  This focus will give you tools to manage your body in your house doing the things you love to do, and those you have to do, yet making those tasks an exercise routine! 

Professional Speakers: Improve your Stage Presence

Take your speaking skills to the next level. Does travel take its toll on your back and your body? Improve your stage presence, your body connection, and ability to project your message with more confidence, as well as protecting your body with the demands of constant travel.  Get control of your body through proper breathing, and engaging your muscle power! 


Functional Walk/Hike 90 Min 2 to 4 people

Learn how to get the most out of your walking and hiking technique to not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, yet get the best workout possible for your time in that activity.  Posture, body mechanics, and gait will be assessed with tips on how to connect with the muscles to move your body. Meeting at local trail, general posture tips, instruction in mechanics during the walk and an active stretching routine will be covered. 

Ride on the Road with Terry

Interested in taking your cycling skill to the next level? Terry will ride with you and teach how to climb, descend, corner and whatever skills you need to improve.