Misty Hyman
Olympic Swimmer 200 Meter Butterfly -2000 Olympic Champion

As a world class athlete the integrity of my body is of the utmost importance. I spend four to six hours a day training, in and out of the pool. I feel that Terry Roach's Body Stabilization Training Program is a pivotal part of my training and has a significant impact on my performance. It helps me to avoid injury through body awareness and structural propriety. Additionally, the specialized training teaches my body to move more efficiently, which results in faster times!

Justin Fitzpatrick
ITF/ATP/WTA - Player Development and Tour Coach USPTR

I have known Terry Roach for 5 years and worked closely with her in a professional capacity. I have been coaching tennis for the last 20 years from the developmental level to the ATP and WTA professional levels involving players ranked inside the top 100. I have been very fortunate in my career to work with some of the finest physicians, ATC’s, physical therapists, and strength and conditioning coaches from around the globe. Terry’s system and knowledge surpasses them all.

In my estimation, Terry has the finest and most complete understanding of human physiology and biomechanics relating to both sport and quality of life issues. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Mike Malaska
Director of Instruction, Superstition Mountain Golf & C.C. and Nicklaus Academies
Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor - Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor

As a leader in the area of Golf Fitness and Golf Instruction for the past 20 years, I have had many opportunities to work with the top fitness professionals and trainers throughout the world. There are a great many individuals who possess a vast amount of knowledge and talent in the industry, but few have been gifted with the “basic instincts and abilities” that Terry Roach has. Her ability to diagnose and then prescribe, the proper fitness routine as it relates to an individual’s physical needs, makes her a leader in her field.

Terry is a “results oriented” trainer and she is extremely impressive when it comes to her ability to get results done quickly. Terry is brilliant when it comes to her knowledge of the body and what muscles relate to their mechanics. Terry explains in detail her reasoning behind her prescribed fitness routines so that a student clearly understands the exercise and the application process.

I have benefited from her training techniques for the past 3 years, and have ultimately experienced success as a result of her programs.

Christine Martin
Professional Speaker and Author Vice-President, Dave Martin International

As a professional speaker with all of my extensive travel schedule, my body suffers. Terry’s program has been a lifesaver for my posture and my back. Even with the demands on my schedule, I have seen great changes within two sessions of working with her, as she gave me the proper tools to apply to my trade. Walking in high heels on stage has always caused pain issues and now I have learned quickly how to adjust my body to decrease the pain, tolerate travel efficiently, and a bonus:  my presentation skills have taken on a whole new life! I’m also learning how to strengthen my body with things that I am already doing!




Kay Cokerill
LPGA Tour Golfer / Golf Channel Host

I recommend Terry Roach’s Body Mechanics program to anyone who wants to maximize his or her potential physically—thus becoming stronger, happier, and a pain free individual.

Doug Collins
Former NBA player Coach Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Washington Wizards, Philadelphia 76ers

The things that you taught me really helped me through the season. I learned more about my body from you in 3 weeks than I had in a lifetime.

David Kross
Development Director, Irgens

I never would have been able to climb Mt Rainer in 2009 nor the Grand Canyon (rim-to-rim-to-rim) this past spring had it not been for your classes in 2007 and 2008! You made a difference in my life!

William White, MD
Barrows Neurological Institute

I have found Terry Roach’s expertise to be extremely valuable in the conservative treatment of patients with spine problems, as well as in postoperative rehabilitation. She is especially helpful with the patients motivated to achieve a higher than usual level of physical capability, such as, professional athletes, airline pilots, and construction workers, who are determined to return to their previous occupations. She has the capability of enhancing any inclination that the patient may have to participate in his own recovery.

Robert W. Dunaway
Business Attorney

Just a quick note to say that I was so impressed with your knowledge regarding body mechanics and what was causing my pinched nerve issues and, just generally, the state of my posture, muscle use, etc. Truly, your knowledge was head and shoulders above anyone else I have talked to the past couple of years and that list includes orthopedic surgeons, doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc.

Ty Parden
Phoenix Firefighter and Former NFL Lineman

I thought seven years in the NFL would have introduced me to all the workouts I would ever need, until I took Terry Roach’s Body Stabilization Training class. Her unique approach to muscle recognition and body awareness has given me a new outlook on exercise and my body I highly recommend her class. I wish I had this training in the NFL.

Brad Cesmat
Former NBA player and broadcaster for KTAR sports news show, current sportscaster for Channel 3 news

Terry Roach is without a doubt the most energetic, motivated, competent person that I have encountered in the sports rehabilitation field. She made my middle aged body feel young and limber again. My back problems have cleared up through her hard work and determination.

Dr. Jeff Cook
Veterinarian, Lookout Mountain Veterinary Clinic, Competitive Senior Softball Player

"Five years ago I was diagnosed with sciatic nerve impingement due to lower lumbar stenosis of my vertebral column. The pain in my left leg was unbearable when sitting and barely tolerable when standing. Numerous doctor visits, physical therapy sessions, three epidurals, and acupuncture treatments offered no relief. A doctor specializing in pain management recommended trying Terry Roach’s Body Mechanics. After about four weeks , three times weekly, of core strengthening, relearning correct postures, and proper movement the pain subsided. I still work out with Terry- she has taught me a new life style. I'm still pain free and stronger than ever which allows me to participate at a very competitive level of senior softball."

Karen Kerrigan
Orthodontist , Marathon Runner

You diagnosed my hip instability and had me up and running in my marathon in three weeks. One of my personal best run times. I continued to train and participated in several adventure races. I still practice the techniques you taught me in how to move and hold my body to prevent any further injury to my musculoskeletal system.

My job as a dentist lends itself to many hours curled over a dental chair. I am convinced your help and technique has kept me from further destroying my body while I work and continue training for my next marathon this weekend. The shear positioning of my skeletal system can make or brake me during work or running, bicycling kayaking etc. I am still amazed at how quickly developing core body strength eases the tension in my joints, back and neck muscles."

Beth Terry, CSP
Speaker, Coach, Author

Without Terry's assistance, I would not still be speaking on stage. Her expert guidance and advice helped me immediately to get my range of motion back and have the strength (and the strength exercises) to keep going. It has been 7 years and I still do the floor exercises she taught me every morning. I'm 65 now, and no one can believe that I broke vertebrae in my neck and have a titanium plate and three transplanted vertebrae. I still find myself saying, "back straight, head over spine, bend knees, feet comfortably apart."  These reminders not only have kept me from re-injuring myself, they keep me looking and feeling younger.

Thank you Terry!